Mobilephone Main Board
As one of the domestic high-quality and efficient PCBA courier manufacturers, the company has been committed to serving domestic and foreign high-tech electronics companies and scientific research units. The company's products are widely used in communication, automotive electronics, network equipment, industrial control, defense military, aerospace, medical, wireless communications, IT, multimedia, automotive LED lighting components and other industries, and have been unanimously recognized by customers.
Mass SMT Main Capabilities
Max PCB size 510x460
Min. PCB size 50x50mm
Board thickness 0.2-6mm
Min. Components size 0201-150mm
Max. Components size 25mm
Min. lead pitch 0.3mm
Min. BGA ball pitch 0.3mm
Placement precision +/-0.03mm
Other Laser cut for Stencil manufacture for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic solder print machine, the accuracy can be 5um.