8L HDI Tg180 ENIG Car recorder
HDI circuit board advantages:
1. Reduce PCB cost: when the density of PCB increases more than eight layers, it will be manufactured with HDI, and the cost will be lower than that of the traditional complex pressing process;
2. Increase circuit density: interconnection between traditional circuit board and parts;
3. Conducive to the use of advanced construction technology;
4. Better electrical performance and signal correctness;
5. Better reliability;
6. Improve the thermal properties;
7. Improve RF interference, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge (RFI/EMI/ESD);
8. Increase design efficiency.
Layer Count 4L-18L mass production, 20L-50L quick-turn
Material High Tg material
Finished Board Thickness 0.8-4.8mm
Finished Copper Thickness Hoz-8oz
Max. Board Size 600X8000mm
Min. Drilling Size 0.15mm, 0.1mm(laser drilling)
Blinded hole depth ratio 1:1
Min. Line Width/Space inner 2/2mil, outer 3/3mil
Surface Finish ENIG, Immersiong Silver, Immersion Sn, Plated Gold, Plated Sn, OSP ect.
Standard IPC Class 2, IPC Class 3, Millitary