IPAD Battery FPC 2Layer 0.15mm ENIG 2u
FPC is made from a flexible substrate such as polyimide or polyester film. It has the advantages of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, flexible and high flexibility, and can withstand millions of dynamic bending without damaging the wire. According to the spatial layout requirements of arbitrary movement and expansion, to realize three-dimensional assembly and achieve the effect of integration of component assembly and wire connection, which will be with other types of circuit board incomparable advantages. So FPC is widely used in mobile phones, computers and LCD screen, CD walkman and disk player and other products.
Layer Count 1-14 Layers
Material PI, PET
Stiffening Material FR4/PI/PET/SUS/PSA
Finished Board Thickness 0.06-0.6mm+/-0.03mm
Finished Copper Thickness 12um-70um
Max. FPC Size 250X4000mm
Min. Drilling Size 0.15mm, 0.1mm(laser drilling)
Min. Line Width/Space 2/2mil
Surface Finish ENIG, Immersiong Ag, Plated Gold, Plated Sn, OSP
Standard IPC Class 2, IPC Class 3, Millitary