Medical Rigid-flex 6Layer ENIG FR4+PI+NFPP
The rigid-flex PCB is a printed circuit board formed by the clever design and connection of a thin layer of flexible bottom layer and a rigid bottom layer, which is then pressed into a single component. It has changed the traditional planar design concept and expanded to the three-dimensional space concept, bringing great convenience to the design of electronic products.
The application range of the rigid-flex PCB mainly includes advanced medical equipment, digital camera, portable camera, high quality MP3 player and aerospace. Its main advantages are as follows:
1. Realize three-dimensional assembly, save assembly space, and make electronic products smaller and lighter;
2. The design of the rigid-flex PCB can use a single component to replace the composite PCB connected by multiple connectors, multiple cables and ribbon cables. And the performance is stronger, the stability is higher.
Layer Count 6 Layers
Material FR4+PI+NFPP
Finished Board Thickness 1.8 mm
Finished Copper Thickness2 OZ
Min. Drilling  0.25mm
Min. Wall Cu Thickness  20um
Min. Line Width/Space3/3mil
Surface TreatmentImmersion Gold
Speciality IPC II, Rigid-Flex