Automotive LED PCB Al+FR4 1.0mm 2.0W ENIG
Aluminum PCB, that is metal matrix cooling plate (containing aluminum plate, copper substrate, iron base board). It has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and machining property. Compared with the traditional FR4, the aluminum PCB can carry higher electric current based on the same thickness and the same line width. Aluminum PCB can withstand pressure up to 4500V, the thermal conductivity over 2.0. And the aluminum PCB is mainly used in the related industry.

● Very effective treatment of heat diffusion in circuit design;
● Reduce the operating temperature of the product, improve the power density and reliability of the product to extend the service life of the product;
● Cut product size, lower hardware and assembly costs;
● Replace fragile Ceramic PCB to get better mechanical endurance.
Layer Count 2 Layers
Material FR4+Aluminum
Finished Board Thickness 1.0 mm
Finished Copper Thickness1 OZ
Min. Drilling 0.25mm
Min. Wall Cu Thickness  20um
Min. Line Width/Space10/10 mil
Surface TreatmentImmersion Gold/ENIG
Speciality 2.0W
Application Automotive Industry